Halal Certification Process



The applicant gets an enquiry through either visiting the website www.gahc.com.au or sending an email to info@gahc.com.au.


Application Submission.

The submit the filled application via the website www.gahc.com.au and the GAHC consultant will respond within 48 business hours.



GAHC consultant(s) will contact the application for site visit appointment. Our consultant will conduct some audit and verification at the premises. All findings will be documented and discussed with the applicant.



The documented finding will also be discussed internally within GAHC by the Internal Halal Commission (Dewan Fatwa). If all the inspected processes and materials at the applicant premises satisfies the GAHC halal criteria, the Halal certificate will be issued to the applicant. The applicant will also be issued with invoice for certification fees.


Post Certification

The GAHC Halal Certification Terms & Conditions have to be complied with at all GAHC Halal standard system at all time. GAHC will continuously monitor the premises and will perform some unannounced periodic inspection. Any changes at the premises must be reported by the applicant.



The certificate holder shall monitor the expiry date of the Halal certificate and submit a renewal application when due.

  • Renewal applications shall be submitted 3 months and no later than 1 month before the Halal certificate expiry date.
  • Any intended changes to the application details (e.g. raw material & supplier listing, Muslim staff particulars, contact no., etc) can be submitted in the renewal application during the renewal window period.
  • If the applicant submits a change application during the renewal period and should there be a delay in processing of the application resulting in the closure of the renewal period, the applicant shall then submit a new application subject to the prevailing application fee.

    Global Australian Halal Certification (GAHC) is a company established in 2016 to provide Halal certification services to the manufactures, slaughterhouses or other food services company to ensure their products are halal according to the Sharia (Islamic law).


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