What Is Halal?

What is Halal?

Halal is an Arabic word that means permitted or lawful in Islam. It is both an umbrella term used in relation to all food products, and a term that refers to a method of livestock slaughtering consistent with Islamic rites.

What is Permitted?

All foods are Halal unless they are Haram (which means prohibited or unlawful). For example, all fruit and vegetables are Halal unless they are contaminated with Haram substances or the production plant contains Haram substances.

What is Doubtful?

Mashbooh is an Arabic word that means doubtful or questionable. In relation to Halal guidelines, Mashbooh products cannot be clearly classified as either Halal or Haram without more information. For example, food products that contain ingredients such as enzymes, gelatine, emulsifiers and flavours are Mashbooh because the origin of these ingredients is not known. Generally, Muslims will avoid eating Mashbooh foods.

What is Prohibited?

Food products that are considered Haram include pork and its by-products, animals with fangs, Halal animals improperly slaughtered, lard, alcoholic drinks and foods contaminated with the aforementioned.

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    Global Australian Halal Certification (GAHC) is a company established in 2016 to provide Halal certification services to the manufactures, slaughterhouses or other food services company to ensure their products are halal according to the Sharia (Islamic law).


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